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ccu_function.php -../connection.php found
Universal Edit
ccu_settings begin ----------------
function get setting list- system
get setting use_table_permission_file=false
get setting use_role_security=false
get setting user_file=user
get setting user_serial_field=user_serial
get setting username_field=username
get setting security_level_field=security_level
get setting password_field=password
get setting password_encrypted=false
get setting table_permission_file=
Table permission setting
Table role permission seeting FALSE
Settings role table
Settings role to user table
ccu_use_table_permission_file 1 -
----------start ccu password security
Calculated username: Calculated Password:
Posted username: Session Username:
check session name:
session level
get session data
Calculated username: Calculated Password:
Verify Password Function UserName: Password:
Password don't match

basname ccu_password_security.php
-------end of ccu password security
ccu_use_table_permission_file- 2
table name before parameter
Begin universal parameters------------------------------------------
Parameter table name request:
get primary key from display table:select * from display where table_name='' and primary_key_flag=1
default serial
sql error from get_primary_key_name() function sql query:SHOW INDEXES FROM WHERE Key_name = 'PRIMARY' error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE Key_name = 'PRIMARY'' at line 1
primary key _serial
order by:
get switches
got child flag
got the switches 06/02-10
get page information
parent key and key value
get session level:
session level set to: 0
post session level set to: 0
session level =0 or post_session_level > session_level
push session variables on the stack
get display records for table:
end of universal parameters---------------------------------------
table name after parameter
prinmary key after parameter _serial
User Serial: Field:user_serial
user security level: 0
encryption function- password=
Exit Encrypt calculated key:7bb045c21cdbb73ce5673337e00415b92aab1c3a
user id: user date: date:1713971507 key: check key:7bb045c21cdbb73ce5673337e00415b92aab1c3a
Security Failure. If you receive this message in error, cut and paste this complete message into an to email